No Fees Unless You Win Compensation Claims

Legal Finder Guide’s expert solicitors, who specialize in both accident and personal injury claims, successfully resolve thousands of winning compensation claim cases each year, which range from minor injuries, such as whiplash injuries to cases that involve severe brain damage.

Our seasoned Manchester personal injury solicitors often accept both personal injury and accident compensation claims on a no fee basis if your case is not won. Our services are totally free of charge to you whether you lose or your case is successfully resolved in a win!

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Do you think you may be partially at fault? If this is the case, you may still have a viable claim.

Cast your worries aside by consulting Legal Finder Guide’s personal injury lawyers for a consultation, free of charge, and we will assist you in navigating through your personal injury claim, returning your life to normal again. You can rely on Legal Finder Guide to win 100 percent of the compensation of which you are due!

Do you fear appearing in court? We can assure you that you don’t have to worry!
We are well aware that many injured victims fear bringing about a personal injury claim. They are not only fearful of the notion of attending court and providing their evidence, but they also worry about court expenses. Keep in mind that the vast majority of personal injury claims are settled out of court. This means that no attendance at court is required. Where legal costs are concerned, we are delighted to assess your case at no charge to decide if we can pursue your case on a “no win, no fee” basis.

Has your claim been invalidated? We will provide you with a professional second opinion.

In numerous instances, we have encountered clients who were informed by insurance companies that they hold no legitimate claim. However, when the very same individual employs a solicitor in their case, the same insurance companies tend to quickly change their minds. If your claim has been invalidated, we will be delighted to offer a second opinion at no charge.

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Have you been a possible victim of medical negligence?

If you have a suspicion that a medical professional has caused your injury or is at fault in any other way, we can offer you advice on prospects you hold to successfully bringing forth a claim. Often, the medical practitioner in question holds no obligation to even notify you that they are at fault for your injuries. Clinical Negligence claims are often complex and confusing on the surface, but we are proud of our ability to both view and explain your claims in clear terms.
Legal Finder Guide has acquired its impeccable reputation by providing all of our clients with access to the justice they deserve, lending to their peace of mind. We promise each of our clients that we will make the process of your claim as transparent and simple as is possible. We also strive to ensure that our clients retain every penny of their compensation with which they are awarded.


Our Fields of Personal Injury Solicitor in Manchester Expertise Include:

• industrial disease claims
• work & factory accidents
• fatal accident inquests & claims
• surgical & traumatic amputation
• actions against law enforcement
• foreign claims & travel law
• shopping accidents
• children & infant claims
• abuse claims
• car accidents, motorway & road traffic accidents
• pedestrian, motorcycle & bicycle claims
• uninsured driver claims
• slip & trip accidents

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