It’s likely that you’ve never had the misfortune of being summoned to attend a disciplinary, grievance, or an employment tribunal in the past, so it’s only natural for to get anxious, especially if this type of meeting follows up a traumatic time at your place of employment.

Employment Law Expertise

Legal Finder Guide will provide you with support and advise you with regard to the issues you are encountering with your employer. If it becomes necessary for a case to be brought to a tribunal, our expert team of employment tribunal solicitors will provide you with the support you need when experiencing tribunal proceedings.

Our seasoned team of expert Manchester employment law lawyers will clearly illustrate the details involved with your case and provides you with the assurance that you have received the best advice and legal support from the first time you contact us at Legal Finder Guide to a successful resolution.

Not all cases are brought to an employment tribunal. We can often provide you with advice on the most cost-effective, commercial, non-contentious options to any problem you may have with your employer.

If your case proceeds to an employment tribunal, Legal Finder Guide’s employment solicitors offer extensive expertise in protecting the best interests of employees. Overtime, our employment tribunal team has acted for employees in multiple high profile cases.

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Our employment team offers reputable expertise. In fact, we have been nominated for numerous awards with regard to client care.

If you are having issues with your employer and feel that you have not been treated fairly or that you are faced with discrimination, please contact us immediately.

Cost Expectations

Regardless of whether you are funding your case or if you have enlisted the support of a trade union or a legal expense insurer, you will find that our approach comes in a fair and clear cost. If your case is being funded by you, our rates are both competitive and fair, and we offer a range of payment options to assist you meet your legal fees.

If it has been agreed that you enter into severance terms or a compromise agreement, we can typically negotiate that either a substantial proportion or all of your fees are paid by your employer.

In the vast majority of cases, each party is responsible for their own costs in an employment tribunal. Generally, when your claim is unsuccessful in an employment tribunal, you will not be bear responsibility for any additional legal fees.


Employing Our Manchester Employment Law Solicitor

Legal Finder Guide is among the most successful and reputable leading law firms in the country. We offer legal expertise to support and guide individual clients. We are also the law firm of choice for numerous financial institutions in furnishing legal services to their customers.

We strive to provide you with clear advice when employing our professional, caring, and proactive legal services.

Many legal requirements can be met as they surface, while others are foreseeable and arrangements can be made in advance. However, some situations are simply unforeseeable.

Regardless of the circumstances, our dedication to our clients is simple unparallelled.

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