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At Legal Finder Guide, the Immigration Department has grown rapidly with the inception of Legal Finder Guide and has subsequently resulted in being one of the top immigration lawyers in Manchester which deals with Immigration, Nationality and Asylum.

immigration solicitors Manchester

Immigration lawyer Manchester is provided by Legal Finder Guide

We are a firm of immigration solicitors Manchester with expertise in dealing with immigration, nationality and asylum matters. We provide a comprehensive service on any aspect of Immigration law. Unlike other law firms who are registered to deal only with limited immigration queries and issues, because their staff may have limited qualifications. However, at Legal Finder Guide, our Solicitors are fully qualified and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Further, Legal Finder Guide is able to provide a comprehensive service, which includes dealing with a case from its inception to the appeal stage. In addition, we have a specialist team of Solicitor Advocates who are able to represent cases at various levels including: Immigration & Asylum Chamber, First Tier Tribunal, High Court, Court of Appeal and the House of Lords.

We are able to provide legal services in a variety of areas in regards to your immigration needs. These include the following.

Immigration Lawyers Manchester

Preparing Entry Visa Clearance for:

• Spouses and fiancées
• Visitors, Right of Abode and Ancestry cases
• Students
• Highly Skilled Migrants/Post Study Bork
• Business Professionals
• Investors
• Seeking a Work Permit

In addition, we can also assist with preparing applications for Further Leave to Remain (FLR), Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). As well as Human Rights Applications in the UK on the basis of being:

• Married/Civil Partnership
• Parent of a British National (child)
• Work Permit Holders
• Students
• Long Residency
• Asylum & Humanitarian Protection Cases
• Appeals
• Nationality Cases
• Judicial Review Cases

In addition, we are also able to offer a comprehensive service, advising and assisting in making applications under:

• Tier 1- Migrants and Desirable Professionals
• Tier 2- Skilled Workers (with an offer of employment)
• Tier 3- Temporary Work
• Tier 4- Youth Mobility Scheme & Temporary Workers

In addition, we also assist with the following:

• Drafting of Sponsorship & Statutory Declarations
• Preparing Accommodation Reports
• Preparation of Power of Attorney documents/letters
• Attesting of Documents

Our firm holds a Legal Aid Agency contract in the field of Immigration, and as a result are able to offer Legal Aid as an option (subject to assessment).

Our Other Manchester Immigration Solicitors Service Include:

Business Immigration-we are able to provide a comprehensive service to employers and business regarding Immigration Law. The types of businesses which we have worked with previously include:

• Colleges- Applications regarding Sponsoring
• Restaurants/Takeaways
• Jewellery Manufacturers and Retailers
• Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Companies
• Transportation Companies
• Travel Agencies (and those in the Leisure Industry)

Also, if you are unable to find an individual to fill a vacancy at your company and wish to recruit from overseas-please contact us. We would be happy to assist you with this.

Lastly, if you have any query regarding Immigration matter, please feel free to contact us for an initial discussion, and a member of our Immigration team would be happy to speak with you.

How We Approach Our Immigration Solicitors Manchester Service

Step 1: Free assessment

You can get a free assessment upon calling us or filling our online form which is found on Gov.UK website. Then, we will assess the general merits of your case as per UKVI policy guidelines to establish whether your case has enough merit for a successful application. When you contact us, we offer you support and advice to help you know the best course to take.

Step 2: Preparing your case

After assessment, we begin our consultation to discuss all the material facts, intricate detail and strategies which relate to your circumstance. Depending on the specified evidence you provide, your solicitor will:

  • Give you advice about the documentation needed to make your case relevant and successful
  • Ensure that the advice and suggestions given to you is specific to your individual case
  • Arrange your documents in a logical sequence to be able to show the decision maker that your application meets the eligibility criteria of UKVI requirements. This makes your case presentable and easy to go to the next step
  • Prepare any supporting legal submissions to show that your application satisfies all the rules involved in UK immigration Rules Framework

Step 3: Keeping you updated

We will be responsible in keeping you updated on the progress of your case in each and every stage. Keeping you updated is very important because it not only helps you know the developments in your case but also helps your solicitor gather extra information from you in case more information is needed. You can easily make follow ups because you’ve necessary information about your case. When updated, you can know of any responses from UKVI, understand the progress made in tribunal hearings, personal contribution needed etc.

Step 4: Answering questions

The final step involves answering questions. You are not supposed to worry on giving answers because Legal Finder Guide will support you throughout the case. Also, your solicitor will advise you, give you suggestions and answer any questions or concerns you have about the case. You should be very keen on how you answer questions because it may affect the outcome of your case. However, you don’t need to be an expert because we are here to help you during the process.

For your FREE initial assessment, please contact us.